Have you been in pain for a long

Come Heal with Me.  

Don’t stay stuck in that old pain anymore.
Pain has a purpose when it relates to a new injury or problem.  It tells
you that you have a problem and should take appropriate action.  
However, once you’ve had a medical diagnosis and the tissues are
healed, or will never heal, and no more can be done except pain relief,
that’s when OldPain2Go® can help – even when nothing else can.
This technique can be used for a variety of issues such as Arthritis. Allergies. Fibromyalgia.
Chronic Fatigue, and more…

Watch these video which discuss pain and show how hypnosis could be the key to treatment for
opioid addiction
Hypnosis for Opioid Addiction
TEDx talk on Pain
So – what have you got to lose but the
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If you have been in pain for some time, you may be sceptical.  But Steven Blake, the founder of OldPain2Go®, has helped
hundreds of clients to become pain-free using the
OldPain2Go® techniques.  And he has trained people in the UK, Australia and
elsewhere, including doctors, in this technique that I now practice.

Pain medication gives you temporary relief but it doesn’t take the pain away.  We help to permanently remove the trapped
messages that no longer serve a purpose and may, in fact, mask New Pain.
  • This is a one-session discovery of how much your own mind can help you;
  • This treatment does not involve physical manipulation.  It is a talking therapy designed to reach agreement with the part of
    the brain that makes pain messages;
  • No trance state is required.  You will be fully aware of everything;
  • At the end of the session, you will self-assess your new level of pain or total absence of it;
  • A belief that this will work is NOT needed.  However, you must WANT it to work;
  • Before calling, please consider if there is any reason why being pain-free may not be good for you.
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